CAFE ASSASSIN launch at Waterstones Bradford

Bluemoose is launching the second novel from award winning author Michael Stewart at Waterstones Bradford, 6pm Thursday 19th March. It is probably the finest bookshop in the UK, stunning architecture and a great place to have a coffee and read. Michael will be reading from his novel and then taking questions about CAFE ASSASSIN.

Ian, the manager at Waterstones is doing a wonderful deal. You can buy a coffee, a slice of cake and a copy of Michael's book, for £10. Now, you can't get that online can you? Books, cake, coffee and chat. Brilliant.

CAFE ASSASSIN by Michael Stewart

We will be publishing CAFE ASSASSIN by award winning author Michael Stewart on March 15th 2015. There will be cake and there will be a host of library events and bookshop signings. Michael's debut KING CROW won several awards including The Guardian's 2011 NOT THE BOOKER. It was also a WORLD BOOK NIGHT recommended read 2012 and READ REGIONAL winner too.

Publication day

The cover of 'Black Neon' by Tony O'Neill.

I love publication day, so much so that I’ve had a new haircut…

Today we publish BLACK NEON by Tony O’Neill and it is a ripsnorter of a read. When Irvine Welsh, says that he …fell in love with every page you have to sit up and take note. It’s a crime novel, neo noir and is utterly brilliant. I’m biased, I know, but when you see what else is out there at the minute, BLACK NEON will blow yours and Santa’s socks off. We love it so much we’re flying Tony over from New York and he’s embarking on a two week book tour so you can all meet him and have a chat. So, if you’re in or around the locations below, do pop in. It is a bit of a rite of passage too because although we’ve held one launch in London, we’ve never managed to have one at the Piccadilly, Waterstones HQ. I like to think it’s happened this time because of the fantastic books we’ve already published. I’m sure it means that those people in the big choosing rooms are beginning to see what wonderful books we publish.

  • 18th November at the Looking Glass bookshop in Edinburgh @ 7pm in conversation with award winning author, Jenni Fagan
  • 23rd November at Macphelah Mill in Hebden Bridge from 5pm. There will be music from the Inkfolk people and a reading from Tony.
  • 25th November at Blackwell Bookshop, Manchester @7pm together with Bad language. Tony will be reading and doing a Q&A.
  • 27th November at Waterstones Piccadilly London @7pm. A reading and signing.

The Arts Council Fiction Group featured publisher for November is Comma Press and their chosen title is Beta Life: Stories from an A–Life Future, edited by M. Amos and R. Page.

Thank you for supporting Independent publishing.


Tony O'Neill Q&A

The flyer about Tony O'Neill's talk in Edinburgh - click to download the flyer as a PDF.'

Tony O'Neill will be talking and discussing his new book BLACK NEON with award winning author Jenni Fagan at Looking Glass Bookshop in Edinburgh on Tuesday November 18th. The event is part of the University of Edinburgh's Guest Writers Series.

More details about the event can be found in this flyer.

After the talk Tony will travel to Hebden Bridge, Manchester and London:

  • November 23rd - A talk with music and dj @ Macphelah Mill in Hebden Bridge @ 5pm.
  • November 25th - A talk and Q&A at Blackwell Bookshop, Manchester along with Bad Language @ 7pm.
  • November 27th - A talk and launch at Waterstones, Piccadilly, London @ 7pm.

Tony O'Neill on tour

We are flying Tony O'Neill, author of BLACK NEON (which we publish on November 13th), over from New York for a two week book tour of the UK.

Here are the dates for your diary:

  • November 18th - Edinburgh University presents a talk and Q&A with Tony O'Neill. Asking the questions will be award winning author Jenni Fagan, writer in residence at Edinburgh University at The Looking Glass bookshop, Edinburgh @ 6pm. You can download a flyer for the event.
  • November 23rd - A talk with music and dj @ Macphelah Mill in Hebden Bridge @ 5pm.
  • November 25th - A talk and Q&A at Blackwell Bookshop, Manchester along with Bad Language @ 7pm.
  • November 27th - A talk and launch at Waterstones, Piccadilly, London @ 7pm.

Arts Council fiction book of the month

September’s featured publisher is Bitter Lemon Press and their recommended title is A CUT-LIKE WOUND by Anita Nair.

Anita Nair is a feminist and highly regarded novelist. A Cut-like wound is as startling a debut crime novel as you are likely to read this year. Set in Bangalore, it opens with the horrific murder of a young man who worked as a prostitute. The killing is investigated by Inspector Gowda, who is in the midst of his own midlife crisis when he realises he is dealing with a serial killer. This is a troubling novel about men and sexual identity, ending with a shattering and unexpected revelation. -- Joan Smith in The Sunday Times.

Wonderful reviews for BEASTINGS by Benjamin Myers in the national press

We’ve had some brilliant reviews for Ben’s second novel with Bluemoose books, BEASTINGS. A few words from the author himself:

A quick thanks to all who have bought, read or reviewed my new novel Beastings. Initial reviews have been positive. New Statesman said “this bitter, alarming, occasionally visionary novel of the British wilderness is likely to linger in the mind for some time”. And The Guardian said Beastings “is both purgative and abhorrent in a manner that suggests that Myers has the potential to become a true tragedian of the fells.”

There have also been wonderful reviews from CAUGHT BY THE RIVER and THE QUIETUS.

Arts Council fiction book of the month

Nowhere People by Paulo Scott, translated by Daniel Hahn.

‘A powerful, complex and very ambitious voice. In the contemporary Latin American literature scene, Paulo Scott is a must read.’ -- Juan Pablo Villalobos author of Down the Rabitt Hole.


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