Man With A Seagull On His Head

The cover of 'Man with a Seagull on his Head' by Harriet Paige.

Under the intense summer sun on the Essex coast a gull falls from the sky and strikes an unassuming local council worker sitting on the beach below. From that moment on he is obsessed, a crazed visionary repeatedly depicting the scene and the unknown figure within in it which filled his view at the moment of impact. The mysterious beauty of his creations draw others to him but can they lay hold of that which possess him? And what of his anonymous muse?

The novel is an exploration into the nature of the creative impulse; the human longing for the divine or 'other' which struggles to express itself against the pettiness and superficiality of life which holds us captive and from which the main character, Ray, is mysteriously and dramatically released.


'Acutely observed and generously imagined this portrait of an accidental artist is as surprising as it is enthralling. It gripped me from the first page. Its last lines are still with me, shimmering with wise promise.' -- Maureen Freely

February 2017