Bluemoose is celebrating 10 years of independent publishing and so we thought we would like to celebrate this anniversary with something cheery. So for the next ten weeks, starting from September 1st 2016 you can buy two Bluemoose books for only £10 plus P&P. That's correct, two brilliant Bluemoose books for the price of an oversized cup of FrappaCappaDoodda or a large cupcake from Betty's. Of course you could go straight to Amazon and keep filling Mr Bezos's podium pants with silver and gold but he has enough moolah, doesn't he?

I was going to rant about tax dodging corporate Wallers but you know that already. So, thank you for supporting us over the past 10 years and here's to the next decade of publishing wonderful books. And it would be lovely if you told all your friends too, because we've got the next 10 years of publishing award winning books to pay for.

Many thanks,

Hetha, Kevin, Lin, Leonora, Janet and all our authors