STOP! Don't Read This

The cover of 'Stop! Don't Read This' by Leonora Rustamova.

Leonora Rustamova wrote a book for six teenagers. The students were at risk of being excluded but Leonora managed to keep them in school until after they finished their exams. She was praised and promoted for her book, until it appeared on the Internet, by mistake. The head teacher thought it would be a good idea to have finished copies for the lads and their families. It was published via an Internet publishing site. Several months after it appeared on the web, someone complained, the head teacher panicked and she was sacked. This is the story of how her book, STOP! DON’T READ THIS came into being and how if you dare to do good things through inspirational work, challenging the constraints of a prescriptive educational system, the local authority, the school and the tabloid press will hound you out of your vocation and profession.

The Observer and Guardian have written about Leonora’s experience.


We should be hiring more people like Miss Rusty not firing them. -- Terence Blacker in The Independent

This book is must be read by anyone involved in education, education of all types and of all ages. -- Zebald1 on Amazon

July 2011