THE GALLOWS POLE -Shortlisted for the world's leading literary prize for historical fiction.

THE GALLOWS POLE by Benjamin Myers has been shortlisted for the world's leading literary prize for historical fiction, the £25K WALTER SCOTT Prize 2018. Congratulations to Ben. I would also like to thank Kate, Jake, Simon and Rowan at The Bookcase Hebden Bridge, Sarah at The Book Corner at The Piece Hall and Ian at Waterstones Leeds for brilliantly hand selling Ben's book to their customers. When Independent publishing and indy booksellers work together to get great stories out there, things start to happen, and it is and everyone at Bluemoose Towers is chuffed to bits. May I personally thank our brilliant editors who polished and shined Ben's great story. Leonora Rustamova, Lin Webb and Hetha Duffy. The winner will be announced at The Border Book Festival in Melrose on Saturday June 16th.

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